Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween- Field Testing

We did a field testing on Halloween (31st Oct 2009). It was after a heavy downpour the night before and the field was really wet. Nevertheless, the game goes as planned.

Two games taken place. 8 a side. Our team are mainly office guys against the keen active teenagers. Boy.. they move really very fast in the wet field.

The first game, capture the flag was an was an easy run. We complete the mission in under 5 mins.
The second game capturing the opponent base. At the end on the 10 mins period, we won again eliminating 7 out 0f 8 opponents. Ye hah!

The office guys..

Just about to be ready...

Game Face ON!!

Group TT (Teen Terrorist)
These guys are small and move damn fast. Can't catch up with my marker. Look at them, just a bare minimal protection. Salute guys!!

The aftermatch. Have a good laugh ....
I was shot on the right knee and Drag got shot (head shot) by the TT group

Official Launching

Tampin Paintball Park, the first park of its kind in Tampin which is also at the edge of Melaka-Negeri Sembilan border.

Paintball park such as ours is specially for adrenalin seekers and would suit well mostly for the First Person Shooter (FPS) out there whose been practicing on their Console and PC games. This field would be the best to put their skill to work well... with some exception of course since we don't have all types of weapons used in those games...

TPP for short, is currently into it's finishing stage but the field has already been tested by paintballers. By this way, field operator (hey.. that us!!) will have a good feedback in setting up the field.

The field is a mini jungle with its trees and bushes, is meant for Recreational Paintball @ Woodsball. Several bunkers and bases have been set up accordingly.

The Official Launching is actually scheduled and due on 1st November, 2009.
Due to the unforesen weather and logistical problems, the Official Opening date is now postponed to 15th November 2009.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Woodsball Field

We would like to share some pictures of our Woodsball Field we have set up.
Its a good start for paintball lovers, who wants to try out war games other than PC games.

Thats the happy Operators, En Azahari and En Zulkifli
Parking, along the netting...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Price

Our park is open to all. If you don't have any paintball equipment, you are welcome to use our rental kit.

We only allow house pellets in our park. Face Mask is a must.

For Rental Kit, our introductory charges is RM30 and we offer the following:

- 1 House marker (mechanical)
- 1 CO2 tank
- 1 Face Mask
- 1 Vest
- 100 pellets
- 2 hours use of the field

Additionally, should you ran out of pellet before the 2 hours limit's over, more pellets can be purchased at the following prices:

- RM30 for 100 Pellets
- RM60 for 200 Pellets
- RM80 for 500 Pellets
- RM130 for 1000 Pellets
- RM240 for 1 Box (that's 2000 Pellets!)

For those that have their own markers, the charges are as follows:

- RM20 for field charge
- RM70 for 500 Pellets
- RM130 for 1000 Pellets
- RM240 for a box of 2000 Pellets

We also have rentals set for Face Masks, Vest and also pellet Pods.

Target practise is also available where we do not charge you any field rental, just for the pellets.

Some pictures for your pleasant view...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Location

We are located at Lot 60 Jalan Alternatif Tampin- Alor Gajah. Travelling from Alor Gajah, past the left turn towards Tampin town, approximately 2km ahead, on your left, some 150m before the traffic lights, you could see Park. The Park is located just the a river and the road. Shouldn't be difficult to spot us.

Anyway, we are Malaysian, we would be more than happy to guide you to our park. Just give us a call, we talk your way here.

We are open on weekdays as well as weekends. For weekdays, preferably prior bookings made by calling us as not to disappoint patrons of our availability. Walk-in on weekends should be all right. Nevertheless, a call before coming would always be the best to patrons' benefit.

Please call our Chief Operator, En. Zulkifli Maarof at 012 6393 187 for more info on availability and pricing. If Zul is not reachable, you could call En Azahari at 019 2077 732.